2018 RTC Scholarships

In 2018 RTC will award four $2,500 scholarships.

Application Deadline – March 1, 2018

2018 RTC Scholarship Application & Additional Information

2018 FRS Scholarships

Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) offers several college scholarships to help further higher education among rural youth.

Application Deadline – March 1, 2018

2018 FRS Scholarship Application & Additional Information

The Communicator

An informational newsletter for members of RTC

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Cell Phones for Soldiers

RTC is an official Cell Phones for Soldiers drop-off location

Local residents can support this cause by donating their phones at the following locations:

RTC Headquarters- Parshall , 24 Main Street North

RTC Office – New Town, 202 College Drive

RTC Office- Watford City, 701 14th Street Southwest

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